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Nekovk by CosplayDaigumi
There's a lot of notifications, is hard to keep the
track of all so, we want to thanks every fav!!
Thanks a lot!!!

It's so awesome to have a lot of people who likes our works, thanks!!

We got our youtube channel were we put some of our live performances here in Costa Rica, come a check our our videos, this one is the King Of Fighters performance, check it out! xD

If you want the link of the channel is here!

Here is Nekogiri, created in 2011 by Marco, colored and vectorized by Lee, probably you already see it on our avatar and asking what is this weird shape white cat?, well there he is and we gonna start some projects with he soon, like cosplays or maybe some animations, or whatever idea we come to work with him, so, expect more from The Cosplay Daigumi's Nekogiri!

Don't forget to watch our other works and if you like leave son favs or watch! Thanks for read!!
We have a lot of stuff coming for this last months of the year, i pretty awesome how the profile have been moving just in one month and we are looking forward to get more, there's still some nice photos of Luffy, wait for them, this is all.... for now!
Thanks to everybody, have a nice day!!
  • Watching: Futurama
The Cosplay Daigumi or CoDai for short is in DeviantART, we're a group of cosplayers from Costa Rica, we gonna work for bring some nice deviants of our cosplays trying our best!